Natural Alternative to Antibiotics

It happens often between seasons, we catch cold, our sinuses get irritated and infected, our chest congested, cannot breathe or sleep, and before we know it we are totally exhausted. You know the drill: call or trip to the doctor, then the pharmacy to quickly bring antibiotics to our defense.

Common occurrence nowadays.

Way too often antibiotics are not effective first time around, or worse they create unpleasant, if not dangerous side effects. I learned about this alternative to prescribed antibiotics while studying with Truth Calkins - an amazing herbalist and anti-aging health coach from CA. My husband and I have been taking this formula with great results on and off for the past 18 months.  I have been offering it to some of my clients for the last year to ward off the common infections and boost the immune system. You can easily order it through my virtual dispensary “Fullscript” online. You will find it under the tab “Shop by Categories”  As always do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions in regards to supplementations – short consults are welcomed and FREE of charge.


I'd like to introduce you to what is called a Natural Antibiotic Shot - to boost immune system, prevent and address colds and flus, allergies, infections – and also good for sinuses, ear, and chest infections.


  1. put 2 tsp clean filtered water in a shot glass
  2. add 5 drops of Oregano Oil 
  3. add 1 tsp of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract liquid
  4. add 1 tsp of Sovereign Silver
  5. add 1 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar
  6. dash of cayenne pepper - optional
  7. Mix well and shoot straight back. Please wait 30 minutes before eating anything else. 


  • Oregano Essential Oil: Pure essential oil of origanum vulgare obtained via natural processes. It is a mucous membrane irritant. May be toxic if used internally overdosed. Avoid direct contact w/ eyes. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar w/mother 12 oz Organic Kosher Unfiltered & Unpasteurized Omega Nutrition’s organic Apple Cider Vinegar is of exceptional quality and flavor. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is produced the “old fashioned” way. • No chemicals, additives or preservatives. • Unpasteurized to preserve its nutritional value. • Contains pectins, beneficial bacteria and enzymes. • Contains “mother” which is formed naturally by the bacteria in unpasteurized vinegar. • Vinegar containing “mother” is not harmful or spoiled. 
  • Liquid Kyolic Odorless Organic Garlic: Extract begins with 100% organically grown garlic bulbs. They are then aged to perfection in a unique extraction process to eliminate odor and create the beneficial compounds found only in Kyolic. Kyolic has multiple benefits: - Cardiovascular health - healthy homocysteine and cholesterol levels. Kyolic supports your body's natural defenses .Kyolic helps the liver to produce glutathione, the body's natural detoxifier. Kyolic liquid has unique and beneficial anti-oxidant compounds created by this special process.
  • Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol delivers  98% positively charged silver [Ag(n) 1+]. EASILY ABSORBED: Unprecedented particle size of 0.8 nanometers allows for easy absorption and excretion.  Ultra-small particle size results in greater surface area, making our low concentration of 10 ppm more effective than brands up to 500 ppm. PERFECTLY SAFE*: Safe for the whole family. †According to the EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD) applied to 10 ppm, one may ingest 178,850 servings safely over 70 years. 99.999% PURE: No added salts or proteins. Just pure silver in pure water. Vegan. 

In Giving You Receive this Holiday Season!

What I wish for you is everything that you can imagine for yourself. This holiday season, I am wishing for you to create and maintain your most perfect health, to create a state of mind, where there is no judgment, but joyful acceptance of this incredible life we all are living now. 

I am wishing you many happy moments and most of the time, living contently. 

From my heart & mind to yours - Love and Light.

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New Caucus in Congress on Integrative Healthcare

I recently learned about a new policy consortium on Integrative Healthcare. If you are as passionate about healthcare in our country as I am, check it out here:

I did send a letter to Senators Blumenthal & Murphy as well as Representative Himes in support of the Congressional Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus, co-founded by Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., and Jared Polis, D-Colo. The Caucus will provide legislators and other policy and regulatory officials opportunity to understand how shifting focus in healthcare to prevention, health creation and health promotion can create cost savings while improving health outcomes for Americans.



As a professional reflexologist with twenty years of experience in the field, I can attest to the power of this complementary modality in health maintenance and disease prevention. For your immediate information:

Reflexology is a protocol of manual techniques applied to specific reflex areas predominantly on the feet and hands. These techniques stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally.

The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field. (RAA 2016)

NIH - National Institute of Health recognition:

The NIH recognized Reflexology as one of the therapeutic methods in the NIH departments, as well as on their website.

Some research information on reflexology:

• Reflexology reduces feeling of pain – UoP (University of Portsmouth)

• Reflexology reduces acute pain in infants PubMed NIH

• Reflexology recognized particularly in reducing pain – UM (University of Minnesota)

• Reflexology at Dana-Farber

• Reflexology at Michigan University, funds by the NCI (National Cancer Institute)


 • Diabetes:

• Sleep & Insomnia -

• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

• MRI Validate Reflexology -

Gut Health

Your health begins in the gut, and continues in the intestines. How do you know, if your gut is functioning properly? I would like to share with you the easiest way to evaluate your gastro-intestinal health. 

All you need is to look at your poop, literally, here is the visual. Please share your type with me on your next visit or call.


Tongue Diagnosis

 First off, read this amazing book: “You are What you Eat” book by Dr. Gillian McKeith.

The following are excerpts from Dr McKeith's book. This information is no substitute for seeking medical advice from a doctor or qualified practitioner, if there are any concerns.

Healthy Looking Tongue:

If this is your tongue below, congrats, no need to look further. If it is not your tongue, review the pictures below and please know that your gut health can be improved and your tongue will show the results. Let's talk about the right nutritional choices you can make. I'm here for you to modify and add appropriate supplements and teas through my Virtual Dispensary- FullScript.

Cracked Tongue

A crack down the middle of your tongue means that you are probably nutrient depleted and your digestion isn't what it should be.  You are probably also often bloated after eating and have energy slumps in the middle of the day.  I would  recommend taking digestive enzymes with meals,  eat soups, stews and blends which are easy to digest, and avoiding fizzy drinks.

Eat nourishing foods: ArtichokesAvocadosCarrots, Sprouts of seeds, Parsnips, Black or Wild Rice, Squash, Sweet PotatoesTurnipsYams

Drinks herbal infusion of Fennel, Peppermint, Licorice.

White Coating

Thick White Coating or Swollen Tongue is an indication of too much mucus in the body.  It's also a sign of a lack of beneficial bacteria and too much yeast.  Dr McKeith recommends reducing dairy products, eating more green superfoods and taking probiotics to replenish your body with healthy bacteria.

Teeth Marks

Teeth marks around the side of the tongue are due to nutritional deficiency. Dr. McKeith says your digestion is also probably impaired and you have a spleen deficiency.  If your Spleen is weak, you probably also struggle with gas and bloating.  

Spleen nourishing foods: Aduki Beans,Yellow squash, Mung BeansKidney BeansAlfalfaBeetrootOatsCarrotsParsleyCelery,ParsnipsPumpkinFennelSweet PotatoesTurnipsYams,  FishChicken. Foods high in Chlorophyll: Leafy greens, AlgaeKaleChard.

Herbs and Spices to Nourish the Spleen: Astragalus, GarlicBlack PepperGingerCayenne PepperGinsengCinnamonHorseradishDill seedPau d’Arco. 


Horizontal cracks, small cracks/grooves on tongue are usually a sign of malabsorption, especially of B vitamins, and often accompanied by a lack of energy.  Most overweight patients that Dr McKeith sees for the first time, she says, are deficient in B Vitamins.  This has usually developed over a long time.  

She recommends, Vit. B Complex, digestive enzyme supplements, peppermint and nettle teas and 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera juice before meals.  She also recommends taking echinacea tincture (20 drops daily for 2 weeks), to help move lymph and eliminate toxins that are impeding nutrient absorption. I add the Bellicon trampoline to the daily routine.

Yellow Coating

A Thick Yellow Coating indicates excess heat in the gut, and that you don't have enough healthy bacteria in your body.  Dr McKeith says if the coating is at the back of your tongue you need to pay attention to your colon, as you bowels may not be working as they should be. Check against the Bristol Stool Chart, I provided above.

Solutions: If you can take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice before meals.

Add sage tea (2 cups a day for a month), and alternate this with camomile tea.

Eat more vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds. Are you run down from doing too much, please start to take things easier.

Red Tip

Red Tip on the Tongue according to Dr McKeith  indicates emotional stress or upset. She recommends at looking at ways to reduce the stress in your life.

Sore Tongue is a sign of a nutrient deficiency, often iron, vitamin B6 or niacin.

She recommends to drink nettle teas and it may be worth getting your iron levels checked and seeing a medical professional for proper test and supplementation.

  • She recommends to drink nettle teas and it may be worth getting your iron levels checked and seeing a medical professional for proper test and supplementation.

My Take: Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics

Let us talk about Epigenetic and Nutrigenomics - my newest study interest. Just last month I listen and learned so much through the summit of 32 leading experts on “Interpreting Your Genetics” subject.


Epigenetics -the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. 

Nutrigenomics - the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

In 2012 I did genetic test for myself and Nicholas through lab called smartDNA Check it out here and since then have been studying it intensely. The cost of this test is $500, which comes with a thorough interpretation and suggestions for nutritional and lifestyle modifications. I do offer it to my clients and quite a few of you took me up on this offer and had it done.  

One of my gifts to my daughter Marianna last year was “23 and me” genetic test, the cost is $210, the cons - it does not provide you with interpretations and lifestyle modifications, so it is up to you to dig deeper, using other sites to interpret the raw data.

One of the new fascinating book on my read list today is Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book The End of Alzheimer’s – The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline. It came highly recommended by the well respected neurologist David Perlmutter, MD - one of the speakers from the Genetic Summit. 

Either way, we can work together to help you incorporate important lifestyle changes to prevent/or slow the cognitive decline that affects so many of us.

My aunt passed away at 93, “living” with Alzheimers for last 13 years of her life. No one wants such a life. She was a prominent doctor in Ukraine, head of the hospital in her prime years, still… You do not know, what you don’t know and when you know better, you do better, right?!

Understanding Restless Leg Syndrome

In my Reflexology practice I often encounter people with RLS - Restless Leg Syndrome.

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes a strong urge to move one's legs. There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that improves somewhat with moving them. Occasionally the arms may also be affected. The feelings generally happen when at rest and therefore can make it hard to sleep. Due to the disturbance in sleep, people with RLS may have daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and a depressed mood. Additionally, many have limb twitching during sleep. [Wikipedia]

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) released new guidelines for restless legs syndrome (RLS). Some evidence shows that iron deficiency is associated with RLS. The AAN now recommends iron 325 mg along with vitamin C 100 mg twice daily for RLS patients with low blood ferritin levels (<75 mcg/L). Iron can also be given intravenously as two doses of ferric carboxymaltose 500 mg, 5 days apart. This has been shown to improve RLS symptoms regardless of serum ferritin levels. 


My comments: You need to know, that vitamin C enhances the uptake of Iron among many other important functions. Bleeding can cause iron loss. Gastrointestinal bleeding can be caused by aspirin, ibuprofen, or arthritis medicines used for a long period of time. Before resorting to supplements, I want you to reach for foods rich in Iron and vitamin C. Eggs, fish, leafy vegetables - my favorite are beet leaves. Yes, you can sauté them with garlic and onions as a side dish to meat and liver - also rich in Iron. A good online shopping source is Vital Choice - make sure to use this coupon for 10% off.

On a very personal note, I came to inherit “anemic “ genes. My late aunt and my mom historically suffer from anemia, my own ferritin levels are always on a low side. You bet I supplement generously with vit.C and Iron in addition to eating abundantly healthy. Just last week my mom was given her first of two IV Iron transfusion in Stamford Hospital. The results are so immediately evident. My 91 y.o. lady became herself again: perky, positive, smiley, eager to dive into her new book on tape.

Anti-Inflammatory Food/Herbs: Your Comprehensive List

In my conversations with you we often discuss how to address inflammation naturally with food, rather than anti-inflammatory drugs. Keep this list in your pocket when you're grocery shopping. Rather than depend on prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, I suggest you explore this list of food and herbs, which all have a proven record.

  • Teas: green, white and black - you may find plenty from great brands, like  Organic India, Extended Health, Gaia Herbs, Wise Woman Herbals ... on my Virtual Dispensary. Log in, click Product Catalog, then click Shop By tab on the left of the screen and scroll down to the Teas category.
  • Tisanes, means herbal infusions: Gynostemma from Spring Dragon
  • Spices: ginger, turmeric. please do not peel the skin, slice thinly, add to boiling water, let it cool naturally, add lemon or lime and sweeten with Lakanto Monk fruit drops
  • Garlic
  • Apple cider vinegar - Buy on my Virtual Dispensary
  • Cinnamon - best brand Ceylon organic from Savory Spice Shop - buy here
  • Saffron - good one on Amazon
  • Food rich in Omega-3 oils: cold water fatty fish: salmon, sardines, mackerel - available on Vital Choice with my 10% off discount - Use code Irina10
  • Seeds and nuts: chia, hemp and flax seeds, walnuts, peele nuts -
  • All green leafy veggies and colorful veggies - PLEEEEASE buy organic, otherwise you consuming toxic pesticides, that cannot be removed by thorough washing unfortunately. Give a good try to daikon radishes and bok choy.
  • Seasonal fresh berries - always organic, or home grown without toxic sprays. Hello blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and my favorite gooseberries (sorry you will not find them in the grocery store). Nick and I are growing them in our backyard. Ask me about them, when you come for your next session. Gooseberries are growing nicely here. You may decide to add a bush or two to your garden.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - please do not heat much, use coconut or ghee for cooking instead. (Paesano is what we use in our house.)
  • Mushrooms: shiitake, reishi, maitake can be found in the store. Fairway and Whole Foods carries them.
  • The infused water I give you after each session.
    • You can buy infuser here:
      • For a litter of water I use half inch fresh Ginger root with the skin - thinly sliced, three to four circles of organic lemon or lime. Cover them with boiled water and let the water cool naturally. That is it. Easy, easy. 

Now, with abundant peppermint and spearmint herbs in our backyard, I will offer you mint infused water as well. I use leaves with abandon. Good for your digestion and it is spirit lifting.

Oh Sweet, Let's Talk About Sweets


Let me have a sweet talk with you about the sweets in our life. I'm going to cover all sweets – the good, bad and in between, starting with carrots, beets, blueberries, bananas, dates, red wine and dark chocolate. Then we'll get into what some may call "guilty pleasures" such as an assortment of candies and baked goods. Healthy foods that also have sugar in them can supply our body with much needed macro and micro nutrients as well as necessary glucose used for generating cellular energy. But that is only if we have a sufficient sugar metabolism. If not, here comes pre-diabetes or diabetes – the number one metabolic disease of our time.

Reminder on Most Common Types of Sugars:
Regular table sugar, called Sucrose, is made of 50% Fructose and 50% Glucose. Fructose is metabolized in the liver, while Glucose goes directly into the blood stream. Milk contains sugar as well, called Lactose, that consists of Glucose and Galactose. For your reference, here is a chart below of the amounts of sugar in many common fruits. This chart was found on the following website.


50% of adults in the United States have diabetes or pre-diabetes, study finds, as noted on That is an unbelievable percentage considering how many adults we have in this country.

Yuval Harari in his fascinating new book “Homo Deus, A Brief History of Tomorrow," brings critical numbers to prove this point on page 17.

”In 2012, about 56 million people died throughout the world: 620,000 of them died due to human violence (war killed 120,000, and crime killed another 500,000). In contrast, 800,000 committed suicide, and 1.5 million died of diabetes."

Talk about your fork and spoon being the weapons of mass destruction, indeed! What if we learn to burn fat instead of sugar to fuel our body and minds? In my previous blog post “The 4 Truths” I wrote about the ketogenic way of eating, not to repeat myself again, but here is the link in case you're curious.

As many of you know, I constantly fight with my extra weight. I have poor metabolism, inherited from my mama. Full disclosure here, my mom lives and struggles with Diabetes Type II for the last 30 years and is legally blind from it now. I am greatly predisposed to it, as I learned through the genetic test called “smartDNA." I am affiliated with the lab that performs the test and I offer this test to my clients as well (feel free to ask me about it at your next appointment.)

As I shared with you before, Nicholas and I switched from Raw/Vegan to a low carb/high fat, a.k.a. the Ketogenic way of eating. We made this decision after spending two weeks last summer with a truly gifted health coach, Truth Calkins.

Here came the need to buy high quality fish/seafood/meat. 

I learned about the company “” and we started to order their offerings online. We are very happy with the taste of their products and I am glad to offer you an additional 10% off their price through my affiliation with Vital Choice. Click the link here

Also we enjoy three meals a week from “'s" Paleo program. All organic ingredients are delivered to our door with easy-to-follow recipes and delicious pre-mixed sauces. I have a limited number of coupons for free meals from them. Please just ask/email me for the link.

Below are the books on my reading desk this month. I invite you to discover Anthony William's books where he reveals the secret behind chronic diseases and his solution to healing them with food and supplements. We will discuss this in next month's newsletter!

Reflexology for Diabetic Patients

The field of Reflexology is getting more integrated into mainstream medicine as a complementary modality that is a safe, cost-effective and efficient one at that. The majority of controlled studies are done overseas, in Europe, China and Korea. Some of the research published can be found here.


Of the results from 13 clinical studies on the effects of reflexology treatment given to diabetic patients, 41.41% were significantly effective and 57.51% were effective in some way. For context, this was out of a total of 158 cases. The results from those studies show that reflexology provided a 100% measurable positive outcome.
(Kunz and Kunz, Medical Application of Reflexology,  copyright RRP Press 1999,  page 30)

From my own practice, I can tell you, that my mom receives Reflexology treatments at least bi-weekly with consistently positive feedback. Even though her blood sugar is elevated and managed by Metformin and Glyburide, she does not need insulin injections. If only she could stay away from cookies and bread on a daily basis!!! Arghh!

Here is another account from one of my clients:

“I have been a Type II Diabetic for more than 26 years, somewhat controlled with pills and over the past five years replaced with dosages of insulin. During this period my readings fluctuated between 165 dmo. and 200 dmo daily. I started with Reflexology at the recommendation of my daughter in November 2012 in order to rebuild my body and overall health and redevelop a sense of well being. Much to my amazement I noticed my need for insulin was becoming less and less. I went from 54 units daily to 20 units!!!My primary doctor cannot find an explanation for such change. I believe, however, this change is due to Irina Breslav’s Reflexology treatments, that stimulate my pancreas and kidney functions. I continue to with my Reflexology sessions , as I strongly believe in the benefits this complementary medicine has given me”

— Melvin Bye

#SleepwithBenefits: Night Pillow

I recently upgraded my old-old memory foam pillow to a black Night Pillow. 

It improved the quality of my sleep in a huge way. I just ought to share this with you, so you can enjoy improved sleep too.

It come with a protective mesh bag to insert the pillowcase, which protects it when it's laundered or cleaned.  This is not why I bought it. :-))


Here it is, why I bought it, right from its designer's website:

1. Intelligently Designed Black Hue.

Signature black hue negates light stimulating production of Melatonin and resulting in a deeper sleep.

2. Self-Adjusting Memory Foam

Our special-engineered memory foam is lighter and airy to provide the optimal balance of comfort and support.

3. TriSilk™ Moisturizing Pillowcase

Our proprietary spandex silk formula keeps moisture in, promoting healthy, beautiful skin & hair.

It is on the pricey side alright. On the other hand, if you do not find it worthy, you may return it within 101 day for a full refund. If you like it, like I do, it will make you very happy.