ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist since 2000

Masters Degree in Science 1977

Recipient of an Award for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Reflexology by Reflexology Association of America - 2002

Member of Reflexology Association of America, Reflexology Association of Connecticut, Taiwan Association of Reflexology, the International Council of Reflexologists

Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Instructor in healing technologies at Norwalk Community College 2001 −2009 Attending National Reflexology - RAA conferences all over USA- since 2001 International Council of Reflexologists -ICR conferences all over the world - since 2000

Registered and qualified in "The Ingham Method of Reflexology", by International Institute of Reflexology -IIR, 1998 Certified in proficiency in "The Advanced Ingham Method of Reflexology" -feet and hands, by IIR, 1999

Reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine Mastership study with Fr. Josef (Rwo-Shur)Taiwan, 2000

Certified as original FJM Teacher, co-founder of FJM Reflexology non-profit organization Team-teaching with Fr. Josef all over the United States and abroad Certified Reflexology CEU provider by ARCB 2000-2008

Completed "Advanced Reflexology, 12 Meridians, 5 Elements", taught by Lillian Morten, LAC, ARCB, 2002

Completed "Reflexology Assisted Fertility" taught by Vera Krijn, ARCB, Dir. Fertility Program of The Olive Leaf Wholeness Center 2005

Certified "Hot Stone Reflexology" taught by Theresa A. Carr, ARCB 2007

Certified "Cranio-Sacral Reflexology", Adv. Level I taught by Dr. Martin Faure-Alderson, UK 2008

Certified "KHT: Korean Hand Therapy" taught by Rev.Daniel C. Lobash, LAC 2008

Completed "Oncology Reflexology" taught by Sue Berenson, RN, ARCB, from Integrative Medicine MSKCC 2009

Completed a program  16 classroom hours of CE in The Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology (MMR) taught by Dr. J. Manzanares, MD, Spain 2011

Completed Advanced Reflexology -Professional Therapeutic Bodywork Program taught by Dr. David Allen, DC 2012


Certified as a Reiki I and Reiki II practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing after extensive studying and practice under the tutelage of Catharina H. Cupples, Reiki Master 1997-1998


Workshop by Dr. Mignon Lawless 2004

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Master training workshop with the founder of EFT, Gary H. Craig 2005

Proficiency workshop on EFT with Carol Look 2006

Workshop on Energy Psychology Introduction study with Dr. D. Feinstein 2013

Continuing studies via webinars in Gold Standard EFT with Gary H.Craig 2014


Past Life Regression Therapy five day training by Dr. B.Weiss 2002

Hypnotherapy Certification Course by David Weltman, with Gerald F. Kein course material - 2002

Eden Energy Medicine - EEM

Training courses with Donna Eden, towards certification in "Eden Energy Medicine" 2010

Workshops with Donna Kemper, EEM-AP 2011


Workshops with Robin Spiegel, LMT, Master Aromatherapist 2010

Continuing home studies via webinars


Workshop by Greer Jones 2012


Sadja Healing workshop using the tuning fork. Trained by J'nai Vatal 2000

Completed three six-day intensive consciousness exploration program at The Monroe Institute - Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, Out-of-Body Exploration Intensive 2009, 2010, 2011

"Egyptian High Alchemy" workshop by Tom Kenyon 2013


Numerous ( too many to list) workshops, seminars, continuous education home study programs through affiliation with the most respected doctors, scientists, researchers at whole food supplement companies, such as Standard Process Medi-Herb

Certification of Completion | Holistic Nutrition Lab: Digestive Intensive –

Moss Nutrition Xymogen

Educational programs by Analytical Research Lab smartDNA

Functional Medicine University

Completed three week program at Optimum Health Institute 2011-2012

Workshop "Healthy living and uncooking with Raw Food" by Hope Stanger, HHC 2009

Completed five Raw Food Education programs and currently serve on the faculty of The Raw Food Institute

Graduate of Digestive Intensive Course with Holistic Nutrition Lab - Andrea Nakayma (FNLP, MSN, CNC, CNE, CHHC)

Flower essence therapy

Certificate of Completion - Flower Essence Therapy with Joseph Aldo Ph.D.

irina breslav board certified reflexologist