At IB Healing, I offer a range of services for improved health and well-being.



Nutritional consultations

Far Infrared soqi bed

Sound Healing


Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT]


Client Testimonials

To say Irina healed me is not enough. During my time working with her, I shifted. This shift has rekindled the fire and fierce warrior inside of me to go on and create the life I want to live. Her ability to see into my soul and pull out all of my fears, shred them in front of me and show me that I had that ability all along is priceless and unattainable without her. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have you in my life, Irina. You are one of the most kind, loving, caring people I’ve ever known. You’ve opened up my mind to new worlds, for which I can only be grateful for. Please if you are struggling inside with emotional pain, consider Irina. She will help to heal you but more importantly she will teach you how to heal yourself. Love you Irina.
— Lauren, 27

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