Medical studies on Reflexology prove that it greatly reduces PMS symptoms


For many women, PMS causes frequent mental and physical distress, but the good news is, Reflexology can help.

A string of studies conducted by medical professionals determined that Reflexology significantly reduces premenstrual symptoms (PMS). In fact, participants in one 1993 study showed a 46% improvement in their PMS symptoms.

PMS symptoms often include:

  • Easily irritated

  • Nervous or anxious

  • Depressed or sad

  • Forgetful or confused

  • Critical of self or others

  • Headache Backache

  • Constipation

  • Tired or fatigued

  • Difficulty falling asleep

Do you have any of the above symptoms? If you answered yes, consider experiencing for yourself the many healing benefits of Reflexology. It is best to have your session one week prior to your monthly period.

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