How Reflexology Will Help You Relax Through The Holidays

Let’s face it, during the holiday season we are all guilty of the hustle and bustle the season brings and often think of ourselves last! Planning family gatherings and meals, or planning to travel to the gathering, plus holiday shopping always takes a toll on the body mind. It is self-loving! (and nothing wrong with loving yourself, I must insist) to come to a reflexology/reiki session during this pre-festive time! You are permitted :-) to be still for one hour or more, with no place to go, totally relaxed and at one with yourself. The primary advantage to a reflexology/reiki session is to be into a totally relaxed state known as the alpha-state. More on the science of alpha state brain wave later. The best part is that this relaxation state can carry forward during those really busy days.

irina breslav reflexology therapy

During a session you will be surrounded, literally, by:

  • Beautiful healing music
  • Hot stones
  • Far Infra Red Heating Pad
  • Aromatherapy

Most of all, you will be touched by the loving hands of the Reflexology/Reiki practitioner during the entire hour. The results are - you get centered and prepared to successfully navigate many types of inner and outer stress.

Now, let us talk a little science. The brain waves and Reflexology in this case.

Conscious States

Alpha - (8-13 Hz) reflect the brain’s idle state. You are in the awake condition with closed eyes. Alpha waves represent the gate between the outer and the inner world and between the conscious and the unconscious.

Beta - (13-30 Hz) indicate a mentally alert and concentrated state.

Unconscious States

Theta - (4-8 Hz) are associated with emotions, trance states, and dream sleep.

Delta - (0.5-4 Hz) are dominant during coma and deep sleep.

Higher Consciousness States

Gamma - (30-42 Hz) correlate with high energy states and ecstasy.

One of my Reflexology teachers, modern day scientist and medical doctor from Barcelona, Spain -Dr. Jesus Manzanares, in his reflexology research on the adaptation phenomenon he determined the most effective length of time to apply reflexology in one reflex area of the foot. His diagrams show the EEG findings as it relates to change in amplitude of brain waves. Brain wave amplitude INCREASES when there are lower brain wave ranges present (i.e., alpha, theta, delta). Dr. Manzanares conclusions based on EEG data - reflexology to be most effective with the highest amplitude occurring after 1.5 minutes and up to 4.5 minutes of continuous reflexology. What does it mean for our Reflexology practice?

It means within an hour we can work on all major reflexes in both feet and help you to obtain the desirable state of relaxation between Alpha, Theta or Delta brain waves.

If you are interested in the brain research, check out Erik Hoffman book "New Brain, New World" Facinating.