Reflexology for Diabetic Patients

The field of Reflexology is getting more integrated into mainstream medicine as a complementary modality that is a safe, cost-effective and efficient one at that. The majority of controlled studies are done overseas, in Europe, China and Korea. Some of the research published can be found here.


Of the results from 13 clinical studies on the effects of reflexology treatment given to diabetic patients, 41.41% were significantly effective and 57.51% were effective in some way. For context, this was out of a total of 158 cases. The results from those studies show that reflexology provided a 100% measurable positive outcome.
(Kunz and Kunz, Medical Application of Reflexology,  copyright RRP Press 1999,  page 30)

From my own practice, I can tell you, that my mom receives Reflexology treatments at least bi-weekly with consistently positive feedback. Even though her blood sugar is elevated and managed by Metformin and Glyburide, she does not need insulin injections. If only she could stay away from cookies and bread on a daily basis!!! Arghh!

Here is another account from one of my clients:

“I have been a Type II Diabetic for more than 26 years, somewhat controlled with pills and over the past five years replaced with dosages of insulin. During this period my readings fluctuated between 165 dmo. and 200 dmo daily. I started with Reflexology at the recommendation of my daughter in November 2012 in order to rebuild my body and overall health and redevelop a sense of well being. Much to my amazement I noticed my need for insulin was becoming less and less. I went from 54 units daily to 20 units!!!My primary doctor cannot find an explanation for such change. I believe, however, this change is due to Irina Breslav’s Reflexology treatments, that stimulate my pancreas and kidney functions. I continue to with my Reflexology sessions , as I strongly believe in the benefits this complementary medicine has given me”

— Melvin Bye