#SleepwithBenefits: Night Pillow

I recently upgraded my old-old memory foam pillow to a black Night Pillow. 

It improved the quality of my sleep in a huge way. I just ought to share this with you, so you can enjoy improved sleep too.

It come with a protective mesh bag to insert the pillowcase, which protects it when it's laundered or cleaned.  This is not why I bought it. :-))


Here it is, why I bought it, right from its designer's website: https://discovernight.com

1. Intelligently Designed Black Hue.

Signature black hue negates light stimulating production of Melatonin and resulting in a deeper sleep.

2. Self-Adjusting Memory Foam

Our special-engineered memory foam is lighter and airy to provide the optimal balance of comfort and support.

3. TriSilk™ Moisturizing Pillowcase

Our proprietary spandex silk formula keeps moisture in, promoting healthy, beautiful skin & hair.

It is on the pricey side alright. On the other hand, if you do not find it worthy, you may return it within 101 day for a full refund. If you like it, like I do, it will make you very happy.