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In Giving You Receive this Holiday Season!

What I wish for you is everything that you can imagine for yourself. This holiday season, I am wishing for you to create and maintain your most perfect health, to create a state of mind, where there is no judgment, but joyful acceptance of this incredible life we all are living now. 

I am wishing you many happy moments and most of the time, living contently. 

From my heart & mind to yours - Love and Light.

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As you ponder what gifts to give, please consider giving the experience of relaxation in my Reflexology chair or on the Far Infra Red table. Your loved ones will enjoy the experience, for sure.

In Giving You Receive.

  • Purchase one gift certificate - my gift to you 30% off your next session.
  • Purchase two gift certificates - my gift to you 40 % off your next session.
  • Purchase three gift certificates - my gift to you 50 % off your next session.
  • Purchase four gift certificates - my gift to you, your next session free. 

Gift Certificates must be purchased before December 24th this year (last-minute shoppers, rejoice!) There is no expiration date on my gift certificates.

If you'd like to do it electronically, here is the link to my Shop. I can even mail the lovely festive Gift Certificate to your loved one on your behalf - to make your life easier. As you purchase your gift certificate online, please simply click the image and print it.

If you prefer to refer your friends and coworkers to my practice, please accept my gratitude and receive $30 off your next session, or complimentary use of Far Infra Red SoQi bed - value of $60.

Please call 203-968-6824 or email 

Purchase gift certificates here.

Accept my deepest gratitude for being in my healing practice. Dr. Dexter and I are really blessed to do healing/relaxing work with you.