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Easy + Nice Way to Clean the Air in Your Living/Sleeping Space

If you have been in my house, you've noticed, that I have plenty of houseplants. I love them. I share them with those of you, who cares to have their own. I receive them from some of you, as holiday gift. Best gift ever. Thank you!


 It is so easy to grow your houseplants. It is rewarding as well. The common houseplants absorb indoor toxins and add humidity to the air. This in turn may help you to save on HVAC bills. Also they really are best decorating touch, that keeps giving year after year. Here are some of the best plants to choose from, just for you:

  • Boston Fern- Removes formaldehyde and components of car exhaust. Needs regular feeding and care. 
  • Dwarf Date Palm- Very good at removing formaldehyde. Thrives in temperatures ranging from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to care for. 
  • Rubber Plant- Good at removing formaldehyde. Grows well in low light conditions.
  • Peace Lily- Removes formaldehyde and VOCs from cleaning products. Prefers low light conditions. Humidifies the air.
  • Snake Plant- Removes benzene, formaldehyde. Does not need friequent watering. 
  • English Ivy- Removes formaldehyde. Does well in low light conditions. 
  • Lady Palm- Targets ammonia. 
  • Golden Pothos- Removes formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene. 
  • Spider Plant- Targets airborne formaldehyde and benzene, thrives in hang basket next to a sunlit window