leg cramping

My Reflexology Take on Foot and Leg Cramping

That painful sensation in the muscles of a foot or leg, that catches you unprepared - muscle spasm, called cramp or charley horse, if it is in your calf muscles. You had it one time or another, right?  We all familiar with this unpleasant, sometime persistent condition. I started to see it with my clients more often recently.  Let us see what is causing it,  because for sure, we cannot blame  my Reflexology chair here.


More often it is simple, dehydration caused by warm weather - more sweating, not enough water drinking, or excessive coffee pleasures.

 Secondly, muscle fatigue - not enough moving, stretching all leg/foot muscles. Reflexology will  be quite helpful in this case.

It can be malfunctioning of the nerves due to the pinched nerves, or spinal cord injury in the low back - then cramps are the least of concerns and the traumas causing it ought to be addressed, hopefully by knowledgeable and caring hands of chiropractic doctors. Do you need a referral? Happy to share the names of a few fabulous DC around our area. Call or email me.

Ever read the side effects of quite a few popular drugs?  Drug manufactures  will  honestly  list  possible leg/foot cramping as a side effect.

The last cause of leg/foot cramps that deserves special attention is mineral deficiency.  We are talking about essential minerals, like magnesium, calcium and potassium. In this case, muscle spasms will be among other symptoms on the surface seems unrelated. This was my case many years ago, until I learned about easy and reliable way to test mineral deficiency via hair analysis and started to restore my mineral balance. Apparently eating my fruits and vegetables was not enough. If you are interested, read my next article on Hair Analysis.