Tissue Mineral Analysis


 First of all, let's learn the difference between vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are chemical compounds, minerals are chemical elements.  All vitamins are essentials and necessary for healthy mindbody, not all minerals that are  found in soil, plants and animal sources are essential or necessary for humans and some are quite harmful.  There are essential minerals that we cannot function without: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and sulfur, and then there are trace minerals - we need them in trace quantities, and without their proper supply we can get really sick, the list is long, bit i will mention iodine, iron, zinc and selenium. Then there is a proven teaching, that all these minerals we consume ought to be in a right proportion with each other. Here comes the tissue analysis - hair test, to evaluate our metabolic function based on the level of above mentioned minerals and their ratios. The hair is the easiest and least expansive  tissue to collect and examine, versus blood or urine test. If you happen to be bold, not to worry, armpit or pubic hair will do. Interested to learn more, check out www.arltma.com/Newsletters full of useful info. Would you like to have your minerals level tested, especially toxic minerals in your tissues - mercury, lead, aluminum, that can wreak havoc in the mindbody, please contact me: irina@ibhealing.com or 203-968-6824 for the kit. It is out of pocket expense of $150, well worth it. When you come for you next session, I will show you the report and comprehensive analysis it provides.