Tools to Sleep Well



These are some great books to help calm the mind and create a heart-based peace before bed. 
The Genie Within, by Harry Carpenter LINK
The Heart Math Solution, by Doc Lew Childre LINK


  Following you can find in my dispensary  HealthWave under Sleep Aid LINK

  • Magnesium supports normal biorhythms and sleep patterns. It is one of the first minerals to be lost during food processing, and one of the first to leave the body during everyday stress. A dose of 200-300 mg magnesium glycinate or citrate before bed supports sleep onset and duration through the night.
  • Glycine is an amino acid and neurotransmitter that starts working right away. Try 3 grams within 30-45 minutes before bed. I prefer Glysom brand - you can check the website for more details on sleep phases. I can get it for you at a reduced price. Just ask me.
  • 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin that is often useful for sleep support when taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime at a dose of 50-200 mg.
  • Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, part of the body’s built-in clock known as the circadian system.   Studies demonstrate enhanced sleep onset and sleep quality. 1-3 mg is usually ideal, but more is not always better. Just 0.5 mg can promote sleep onset within 30 minutes.
  • GABA is another calming neurotransmitter that  helps brain cells “calm down” as a prelude to a normal sleep cycle. During the day, it can help with stress management and mood without causing drowsiness.   For sleep support, mix 500-750 mg with one cup of water. Drink half 30 minutes prior to bed, and if you awake in the night, drink the remaining half.
  • L-theanine is a unique amino acid that promotes mental and physical relaxation within about 30-40 minutes after consumption. It does not cause drowsiness, but like GABA, it can create a calm mental state conducive to sleep onset.

Simple exercise

  • Do the Hook Up. From Donna Eden book "Energy Medicine"  While in bed, press down your belly button with the middle finger of one hand and with the middle finger of the other hand press and hold above the bridge of your nose between your eyebrows.  Breath in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth for at least 20 seconds. (I like to do this for a few minutes). This creates a connection between your central meridian (which sends energy up the front of your body) and the governing meridian (which sends energy up your spine). 

  • Here's 1 minute demonstration by Donna: LINK

Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser -  portable personal frequency machine.  -   you can use the Bio Medici on the sleep setting, which is switch 1 + 8 on, and put upside down under pillow. I have been using this machine for the last four weeks, ask me to show you. 

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Ear Plugs - 

Sleep Mask