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Gut Health

Your health begins in the gut, and continues in the intestines. How do you know, if your gut is functioning properly? I would like to share with you the easiest way to evaluate your gastro-intestinal health. 

All you need is to look at your poop, literally, here is the visual. Please share your type with me on your next visit or call.


Tongue Diagnosis

 First off, read this amazing book: “You are What you Eat” book by Dr. Gillian McKeith.

The following are excerpts from Dr McKeith's book. This information is no substitute for seeking medical advice from a doctor or qualified practitioner, if there are any concerns.

Healthy Looking Tongue:

If this is your tongue below, congrats, no need to look further. If it is not your tongue, review the pictures below and please know that your gut health can be improved and your tongue will show the results. Let's talk about the right nutritional choices you can make. I'm here for you to modify and add appropriate supplements and teas through my Virtual Dispensary- FullScript.

Cracked Tongue

A crack down the middle of your tongue means that you are probably nutrient depleted and your digestion isn't what it should be.  You are probably also often bloated after eating and have energy slumps in the middle of the day.  I would  recommend taking digestive enzymes with meals,  eat soups, stews and blends which are easy to digest, and avoiding fizzy drinks.

Eat nourishing foods: ArtichokesAvocadosCarrots, Sprouts of seeds, Parsnips, Black or Wild Rice, Squash, Sweet PotatoesTurnipsYams

Drinks herbal infusion of Fennel, Peppermint, Licorice.

White Coating

Thick White Coating or Swollen Tongue is an indication of too much mucus in the body.  It's also a sign of a lack of beneficial bacteria and too much yeast.  Dr McKeith recommends reducing dairy products, eating more green superfoods and taking probiotics to replenish your body with healthy bacteria.

Teeth Marks

Teeth marks around the side of the tongue are due to nutritional deficiency. Dr. McKeith says your digestion is also probably impaired and you have a spleen deficiency.  If your Spleen is weak, you probably also struggle with gas and bloating.  

Spleen nourishing foods: Aduki Beans,Yellow squash, Mung BeansKidney BeansAlfalfaBeetrootOatsCarrotsParsleyCelery,ParsnipsPumpkinFennelSweet PotatoesTurnipsYams,  FishChicken. Foods high in Chlorophyll: Leafy greens, AlgaeKaleChard.

Herbs and Spices to Nourish the Spleen: Astragalus, GarlicBlack PepperGingerCayenne PepperGinsengCinnamonHorseradishDill seedPau d’Arco. 


Horizontal cracks, small cracks/grooves on tongue are usually a sign of malabsorption, especially of B vitamins, and often accompanied by a lack of energy.  Most overweight patients that Dr McKeith sees for the first time, she says, are deficient in B Vitamins.  This has usually developed over a long time.  

She recommends, Vit. B Complex, digestive enzyme supplements, peppermint and nettle teas and 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera juice before meals.  She also recommends taking echinacea tincture (20 drops daily for 2 weeks), to help move lymph and eliminate toxins that are impeding nutrient absorption. I add the Bellicon trampoline to the daily routine.

Yellow Coating

A Thick Yellow Coating indicates excess heat in the gut, and that you don't have enough healthy bacteria in your body.  Dr McKeith says if the coating is at the back of your tongue you need to pay attention to your colon, as you bowels may not be working as they should be. Check against the Bristol Stool Chart, I provided above.

Solutions: If you can take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice before meals.

Add sage tea (2 cups a day for a month), and alternate this with camomile tea.

Eat more vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds. Are you run down from doing too much, please start to take things easier.

Red Tip

Red Tip on the Tongue according to Dr McKeith  indicates emotional stress or upset. She recommends at looking at ways to reduce the stress in your life.

Sore Tongue is a sign of a nutrient deficiency, often iron, vitamin B6 or niacin.

She recommends to drink nettle teas and it may be worth getting your iron levels checked and seeing a medical professional for proper test and supplementation.

  • She recommends to drink nettle teas and it may be worth getting your iron levels checked and seeing a medical professional for proper test and supplementation.

My Take: Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics

Let us talk about Epigenetic and Nutrigenomics - my newest study interest. Just last month I listen and learned so much through the summit of 32 leading experts on “Interpreting Your Genetics” subject.


Epigenetics -the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. 

Nutrigenomics - the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease.

In 2012 I did genetic test for myself and Nicholas through lab called smartDNA Check it out here and since then have been studying it intensely. The cost of this test is $500, which comes with a thorough interpretation and suggestions for nutritional and lifestyle modifications. I do offer it to my clients and quite a few of you took me up on this offer and had it done.  

One of my gifts to my daughter Marianna last year was “23 and me” genetic test, the cost is $210, the cons - it does not provide you with interpretations and lifestyle modifications, so it is up to you to dig deeper, using other sites to interpret the raw data.

One of the new fascinating book on my read list today is Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book The End of Alzheimer’s – The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline. It came highly recommended by the well respected neurologist David Perlmutter, MD - one of the speakers from the Genetic Summit. 

Either way, we can work together to help you incorporate important lifestyle changes to prevent/or slow the cognitive decline that affects so many of us.

My aunt passed away at 93, “living” with Alzheimers for last 13 years of her life. No one wants such a life. She was a prominent doctor in Ukraine, head of the hospital in her prime years, still… You do not know, what you don’t know and when you know better, you do better, right?!

Bounce Gently, Bounce Daily

In my August Newsletter, I wrote about rebounding or exercising on mini-trampoline, as a part of an anti-aging health program.


Doing this simple exercise of bouncing can burn 350 calories in 30 minutes. You improve your balance and flexibility. You can even watch a favorite show or listen to a famous podcast while bouncing.  

We recently replaced the old metal spring rebounder with the Bellicon brand, which uses flexible, but sturdy and silent bungee cords.

Here again the benefits of bouncing:

  1. great, gentle workout for all muscle groups
  2. flushes out the lymphatic system, where toxins are accumulated
  3. aids in the digestion and elimination
  4. enhances and brightens mood

Check it out https://www.bellicon.com

Moving Announcement: New Greenwich Location

For all my Greenwich clients:


Starting March 7th my Greenwich practice will be in a new location: 7 Lincoln Ave, 2nd floor. I was invited to join Backcountry Wellness Center and accepted the offer with delight.  The new location is right in the center of Greenwich, between Milbank Avenue and Mason Street, with plenty of parking around the building, and free parking on the street after 2 pm. 

I trust you will like it. I look forward to meeting with the new health care practitioners there, and most importantly to being of continuing healing service to you in this new place. My phone number remains the same 203-968-6824.

I will continue to refer you to my colleagues at the Lotus Wellness Center on Pemberwick Rd, especially to Robin Spiegel, LMT.  Her therapeutic massages  and wonderful workshops offer tremendous value.

The Four Truths

The Four Truths

As many of you know, we were away for two weeks in Tucson,  Arizona at The Creative Health Solutions Clinic. It's run by anti-aging health coach and Jing Master Truth Calkins. He is a renowned health and wellness expert on the West Coast.  His successful practice developed while he was working at Erewhon Natural Foods Market, where he ran the Tonic Bar.

Truth's approach to health maintenance is rooted in four principles.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercises
  • Supplements + Herbs
  • Health Technologies

Truth Number 1: Healthy Eating

No brainer, right? But what is healthy eating? What diet do you follow?  I do not like the  word diet, btw.  Truth suggests a simple rule: 60% raw (which includes salads, vegetable  juices, blended soups), 40%  cooked (quality animal proteins and steamed veggies). The goal here is to get into KETOSIS. This fancy new word means abandon the sugars altogether and get your energy from  ketones produced in the liver from the fat, ether plant or animal based. Hello olives, avocados, sesame seed butter, pumpkin seed oil, organic chicken/beef, veal, soaked chia and golden flax seeds, fish oil, sardines and anchovies,  gee, highly worshipped coconut butter, bone broth to list a few here.  Good Bye fruits, all of them, starchy veggies, beans, legumes, good bye my beloved potatoes. Red skin potatoes are allowed occasionally, although in a very small doses. This ketogenic way of getting your energy from fat, not glucose will deliver you  into anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, colon healthy, lean muscled body we all dream of.  Truth  also teaches "Body Ecology Diet" way of eating.  So  adding raw cultured probiotic food to each meal is a must.  There are a few cultured  probiotic food you can buy at the stores, or online and certainly you can make your own. I can share the  recipe for home made raw sauerkraut,  just ask me.

My fave at The Whole Foods  is Inner Eco Coconut probiotic Kefir,  Veggie Delight Light Zing Salad from Rejuvenate Foods and Ozuke citrus & ginger kraut from Mrs. Green's Natural Market.  

Pure, structured - Vitalized water is a necessary  part of healthy eating.  See my previous blog on the  Vitalizer.  Since then I added  counter top Reverse Osmosis unit called  AquaTru™. I will be happy to show it to you, when you come next time.  Actually, you will be drinking the amazing water I make for you using all my water devices.

There are plenty books on the subject of healthy eating and benefits of cultured foods. Here are some links  below.  As soon as Truth Calkins website  is live, you will get his link.

Recommended Tools

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates   Purchase here

KetoClarity by Jimmy Moore, Eric Westman, MD  Purchase here.

Vitalizer Plus Oxygen Water Maker  Purchase here

AquaTru™ Water Revolution  Purchase  http://www.aquatruwater.com/?aid=22427


Truth Number 2: Exercises

Simple daily exercises include 30 to 60 minutes of rebounding and 15 minutes doing Five Tibetan Rites. Hiking, running or biking  will be a great benefit to  daily activity for many of you. We need to move more, sit less. You probably heard me saying: " Move your movables"

You have seen my living room sporting cool exercise equipment. Three times a week you will find me at The LifeCycle Studio riding Real Ryder bike. I also take three daily walks with Dr. Dexter adding up to my "Move the movables".  And after our trip to Truth's center  Rebounding and Tibetan Rites are new addition to the morning routine. Do as I say and do, right? 

Rebounding or exercising on mini-trampoline was endorsed by NASA as the best exercise invented by man. Truth recommends Bellicon brand,  44" frame with soft bands, instead of metal springs. You can burn 350 calories in 30 min., using all muscle groups, improve your balance and flexibility, even watch favorite show doing it. We are in the process of replacing our old metal spring rebounder with the Bellicon brand.

Five Tibetans are five yogic dynamic poses repeated 21 times each. The main documented benefits  are  improved energy and activation of anti-aging process.

Recommended Tools

"The Five Tibetans" by Christopher S. Kilham  Purchase here.

One of the many "Youtube" demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVmhHjkHYjk


Truth Number 3: Supplements and Herbs

Big subject!   Do you supplement your food intake  with vitamins and minerals or not?  Do you add  herbs to the protocol, or not?

It is a personal decision for each one of you. I advocate using them wisely and consistently for the best results. I always suggest to consult with a professional on the need, brand, quantity and duration. Not all supplements/herbs created equal.  

And everyone's needs are  different. There are several supplements although, that proven to be of outmost benefit to everyone.  In my previous newsletter we discussed them and listed them for you in Fullscript- my virtual dispensary- under the tab "Minimum 4." 

Today I am introducing additional two natural compounds derived from food, that I take daily, to support my immune system and promote anti-aging, of course.

Modifilan -  dehydrated and powdered seaweed Laminaria. Read more about Modifilan here.  

AHCC (active hexose correlated  compound) superfood, produced from Shiitake mushroom, grown in rise bran extract. It is known as  Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune  Enhancer. This time-tested superfood became widely accepted treatment in Japan for autoimmune and life threatening diseases along with its noted  ability to relieve unpleasant side effects of many chemotherapy drugs ( not my case, hope not yours ether).  Since it is a natural compound, you can get it without prescription, yay! Here are some conditions,  that AHCC is proven to be very effective: chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular, stress, infections, inflammations due to acute injuries, exposure to toxic chemicals and cancer.

The book that I list for you below provides three pages of references to the studies. Good read, if you want to learn more on AHCC. 

Recommended tools:

AHCC - Active Hexose Correlated Compound by Dan Kenner: Purchase here.

You can purchase AHCC on  Fullscript here.

Truth Number 4: Health Technologies: Electromagnetic Medicine

My particular interest in these technologies may be explained by my first education with my MS in Engeneering -  Knowing,  that everything is energy and all energy is electromagnetic in nature.   Science has proven that all cells in our  our body actually project their own magnetic field and  all 70 trillion cells  communicate via electromagnetic frequencies.  Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. When the electromagnetic activity  ceases, life ceases.  So it is easy to understand the long history of electromagnetic medicine and its widely used  diagnostic machinery in addition to the invention of the  electromagnetic devices, that  help to promote  healing and longevity.

There are several such devices that I offer to you  along with hands-on Reflexology/Reiki healing: Far Infra Red compact mat, Far Infra Red SOQI bed, Bio-Medici Magnetic Pulser, Chi Machine, Zapper.

 After spending time with Truth in Arizona I added two new devices to this list.  All devices can be easily combined with hands-on treatment, or used on its own.  

First introductory session is FREE for you, after that it is billed at $60/hour.

Photon Genie

"Photon Genie is the result of decades of research and development,  innovating and advancing the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Abrams and Lakhovsky.  Ed Skilling  used   proprietary processing of full-spectrum energy and infinite harmonics with “Skilling Advanced Electronics” to promote restoration of cell functions and cell  regeneration.  Photon Genie application re-establish harmonic energy program of each cell, organ, system of the body. It devitalizes  pathogens, thus reducing infections, while slowing and reversing the disease process, breaking up mineral deposits thru repolorazing cells  and lastly detoxifying body by moving and balancing lymphatic and circulatory systems.

To read more click here

The SOTA Magnetic Pulser

This compact unit offers the benefits of 6,000 Gauss strong pulsed magnetic field to help balancing your body's natural electromagnetic field. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Improved calcium transport increases absorption of calcium in bones and improves the quality of cartilage in joints, decreasing pain dramatically.  Acute and even chronic pain, also caused by arthritis and osteoporosis, may disappear completely.

Here is the link to the demo on this unit. 

Necessary Disclaimer: The information provided  here is not medical advice and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Readers are encouraged to obtain the help, services and recommendations of doctors and other licensed medical practitioners.