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Flu & Cold Season: The best ways to protect & strengthen your immune system this winter!

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The winter season is upon us, which means that more than usual we talk about how to protect ourselves. Is flu vaccination the only choice? You can read my post on this topic from last year:

For those of you who want to take a natural approach to fighting the Cold/Flu, I suggest FORTIFYING your immune system, and below are the top 7 ways to stay healthy this winter season:  

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly

  2. Do not touch your face or nose unnecessarily

  3. Stay hydrated; add lemon or lime to your water or tea

  4. Take contrast showers, start with warm, end with cold water, do several 30 seconds rounds 

  5. Netti Pot technique nightly helps to remove the invaders from your nasal passages

  6. Supplement with proven immune boosters: Probiotics, vitamins D and C, Elderberry syrup (a potent antiviraI!)

  7. If you respect Homeopathic medicine, get the Oscillococinum and start to take it at the first symptom

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If you still feel unsure about the Flu shot, here is a view from a retired hospital nurse which you can see here 

Flu Season & My Take on the Flu Shot

The Flu Time is upon us. Are we ready to meet the challenge? Do you need/want/required the Flu vaccination? This is the question of the day. The answer to this question is personal and for sure not a uniform “yes” or “no." The decision is ultimately yours. Learn the facts, discuss with your doctor and we can always talk further about this topic at your next appointment. 


Let me share my experience with the seasonal flu vaccination. My mom, who is now 92 y.o and still “directing the traffic” of her life, stopped having flu vaccines after her very bad experience - hospitalization twice with pneumonia some ten years ago. She said, she wished she listened to me in the first place and resisted the wide spread pro vaccination push from the media, etc. So now you know, I am not enthusiastic about the Flu vaccine.

Ever since mom stopped the vaccination - no pneumonias, no related hospitals visits, instead she uses very comprehensive immune building nutritional protocol, and Reflexology/Reiki treatments, Far Infrared Table or Far Infrared pad preventively.  I put the nutritional protocol for Cold/Flu prevention on my virtual dispensary Fullscript, especially for you. You will find it here, log in and check the tab on the left side called "Cold/Flu, or email me at for a personal welcome link.

My dear Nicholas had a similar bad experience two years ago, when he had his random (did not consult with yours truly) shot at school. Now he knows better to not risk his health with unproven, and unfortunately marginally effective flu shots. 

Do you want to read more on this hot topic? Here is the link to the blog of well respected Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.  Additionally she offers more information on tips and remedies for Influenza. Click here to open and download for yourself. 

Let us help ourselves with easy to make folk remedies, like Fire Cider,  see the recipe below, and natural antibacterial/antiviral formula from my previous blog.