When you learn, teach

Many of you know we were away for two weeks in Tucson Arizona at The Creative Health Solutions Clinic run by anti-aging health coach and Jing Master, Truth Calkins. Renowned health and wellness expert on the West Coast due to his successful practice while working at Erewhon Natural Foods Market, where he ran the Tonic Bar.

Truth's approach to health is rooted in four principles:

  • Healthy Diet
  • Supplements + Herbs
  • Exercises
  • Electromagnetic Medicine

After this amazing first-hand experience, I am now a believer in his approach, which is comprehensive, common sense but more cutting edge, than anything I was aware of. Truth (it is his real name) will be revealing his teachings online by the end of this year. You'll be the first to know and I have his permission to share with you what I learned and experienced so far. I'm in the process of writing a series of blog posts around the critical components of the four  principles.

Meanwhile here are my personal stats after two weeks on Truth's protocol:

  • lost 10.5 lb
  • completely off coffee - goodbye my "BulletProof" Buttered One
  • completely off salt and sugar - means no dark chocolate or fresh fruit/berries for me for now, no himalayan salt ether
  • rosacea from my cheeks and chin - disappeared for good
  •  deep sleep without regular Melatonin or occasional Glycine - new norm
  • off my daily thyroid meds - was long desire of mine - so far, so good. I do not recommend you to do the same here. I am not your doctor,  just sharing my story.

While away, I read quite a few new books per Truth's recommendations. Check them out on my website here in the first two rows: My Favorite Books.

Stay tuned!


Renewed Zest for Health and Well-Being

Let us celebrate the month of August with renewed zest for health and well-being.  One simple step to it is proper body hydration.  I introduce to you Vitalizer Plus machine, that transforms regular clustered water from faucet to structural hexagonal form molecules water. This in turn increases the oxygen in the water and facilitates hydration, waste removal, enhances cellular communication and metabolic efficiency. It means better nutrients transportation to the cells of your body. I just purchased this Vitalizer to provide you with this amazing vitalized water every time you come for your treatment.

If you are as impressed, as I am here is the link to purchase it for your home.

Three Generation Getaway

 My mom, me and my girl ventured together to the Copperhead Inn and Spa in the Catskill Forest Preserve for the incredible lightness of being, the phrase taken from their tagline. We enjoyed a 3-day retreat full of delicious and indulgent food, hikes in the woods, spa treatments, water aerobics and plenty of laughter. The food was expertly prepared by innkeeper Elizabeth Winograd's husband Lech, "who makes healthy food so tasty and inspiring you feel silly for not having eaten healthy every day of your life," as Gotham Magazine so eloquently put it.

We experienced a strong connection, while caring for one another, which rarely happens among three generations in such a loving and playful way.

Sure we took care of our babushka (grandma in Russian) while having a glorious time picking on each other. It was a very special time and  so meaningful at this point in my life to spend it together with my girls.

The best medicine sometimes is time well spent with those you love most.

Babushka has turned 90 recently and it is increasingly important to create memorable experiences for all of us.

Far Infrared Rays in SoQi Bed: A Healing Tool

If you've never experienced FIR SoQi bed, I invite you to experience it at no additional charge, while you have  your Reflexology/Reiki healing, lying on the SoQi bed fully clothed, preferably in your comfy sweats. For clients who seek regular use of the SoQi bed is $60/hour and can be combined with Reflexology/Reiki sessions as add-on, or it can be used on its own.


Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Energy is the invisible part of the Sun’s spectrum measured  at 8 to 10 microns, that is capable of penetrating  deep into the body and gently elevate body temperature. It is not to be confused with ultraviolet light which may damage your skin.

SoQi Bed is a device that consists of three  hot houses that emit FIR around your body. SoQi bed acts like a personal sauna that bathes your body in this beneficial  energy. Its unique design allows me to conveniently  work on your feet  or head, while you're enjoying FIR. I have been successfully using this device in my practice since 2013.


  • Enhanced circulation
  • Released toxins from the cells
  • Regenerated cellular activity
  • Increased blood oxygenation
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Relaxation