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Benefits FAR Infrared - SOQI Bed Benefits.

Also known as Hyperthermia Dome. FAR Infrared light is invisible part of the Sun's spectrum, not to be confused with ultra violet light, that can be damaging. The human body can easily absorb FIR, because its deep penetrating ability. Studies have shown, that FIR can penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep. "And why is it good for me?" — you ask. Here it is!


Hyperthermia helps to:

  • Accelerate the biochemical metabolic processes of the entire body and increase detoxification significantly
  • Increases the permeability of cell membranes to water, oxygen, nutrients.
  • Supports reparative and regenerative processes
  • Increases overall circulation and promotes blood circulation of tissues and organs, opens clogged collateral vessels
  • Relieves the tonus of striated and smooth musculature causing muscle relaxation Increase the velocity of nerve conduction
  • Activates sub-acute and chronic inflammation processes by way of promoting their cure
  • Influences the immunological system profoundly
  • At sufficiently high temperatures, restricts the propagation of microorganisms and viruses and malignant cell division

Impressive! Yes, it is! Otherwise I would not invest money and valuable space in my cozy office in Stamford.

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Far Infrared Rays in SoQi Bed: A Healing Tool

If you've never experienced FIR SoQi bed, I invite you to experience it at no additional charge, while you have  your Reflexology/Reiki healing, lying on the SoQi bed fully clothed, preferably in your comfy sweats. For clients who seek regular use of the SoQi bed is $60/hour and can be combined with Reflexology/Reiki sessions as add-on, or it can be used on its own.


Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Energy is the invisible part of the Sun’s spectrum measured  at 8 to 10 microns, that is capable of penetrating  deep into the body and gently elevate body temperature. It is not to be confused with ultraviolet light which may damage your skin.

SoQi Bed is a device that consists of three  hot houses that emit FIR around your body. SoQi bed acts like a personal sauna that bathes your body in this beneficial  energy. Its unique design allows me to conveniently  work on your feet  or head, while you're enjoying FIR. I have been successfully using this device in my practice since 2013.


  • Enhanced circulation
  • Released toxins from the cells
  • Regenerated cellular activity
  • Increased blood oxygenation
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Relaxation