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My First Experience with Plant Medicine called Ayahuasca.

When I was twenty, I had a near death experience in the hospital while undergoing a minor (so I thought) surgery.

I didn't know the term “a near death experience” - NDE, but eventually found the book describing this phenomenon written by Dr. Raymond Moody, “Life After Life”

The book was translated into Russian by an underground publishing agency “Samizdat” in 1975.  I was a second year college student studying engineering, and firmly planted in a hard science, with a total lack of any spiritual or religious education. This is when my interest in an altered state of consciousness began. 

It was twenty five years later here in Stamford, I had multiple “Out-of -Body” experiences - OBEs. They were absolutely awesome, but unfortunately spontaneous.  I could not repeat them, as I so wished. 

Eventually I became familiar with the work of  Robert A. Monroe. I devoured his book, “Journeys Out of the Body”.  He had phenomenal OBEs. Bob’s interest in altered state of consciousness was the driving force in the foundation of The Monroe Institute in Virginia. The Monroe institute popularized his “Hemi-Sync” patented audio technology. It was claimed to facilitate “Out of the Body” experiences - OBEs.  From 2008 through 2011 I participated in many programs at The Monroe Institute (

If you are interested in experiencing the Hemi-Sync effect during your next Reflexology/Reiki session, please let me know. I have accumulated a good collection of Hemi-Sync CDs, and it can be easily included into your hands-on session. 

My interest in altered states or I would rather call it, expanded states of consciousness, brought me to the teachings of Gregg Braden. Check out his books.  In 2007 we traveled with him to Peru on a journey called “Unlocking the Incan Code of Time”. While there, I have heard about the powerful medicinal plants ceremonies, that were led by native shamans using Ayahuasca. It was not on our itinerary then.

I started to read and hear from a few trusted friends about the effects of psychedelics on the expansion of consciousness. Even though I wanted a direct experience, I also had an enormous fears. The saying goes, once you drink Ayahuasca, which is a brew from two Amazonian plants, - you SEE, once you SEE, you cannot UNSEE.

A powerful film “Neurons to Nirvana” by Oliver Hockenhull helped me to learn more about the nature of different psychedelic molecules and its impact on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being.  

I watched the documentary “The Reality of Truth”.  The story of Rythmia - Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica was mentioned in the film. The book “ Sh*T the Moon said” by Gerard Powell, the founder of of Rythmia was very intriguing and inviting for a first hand experience .

My good friend Lisa Wilson, the founder of The Raw Food Institute, talked about going to in Costa Rica this summer. 

It was the last straw, that broke my fear.  I was ready to become a psychonaut and experience the power of psychedelics in a safe environment guided by a powerful shaman Taita Juanito.

The week of October 14th I went there with my daughter. We had four powerful ceremonies with unique and dramatic experiences  and breakthroughs. 

We also learned how to practice Transformational Breathwork, that helped to process the revelations of the Mother Aya, as this powerful plant medicine is lovingly called. 

The main lesson I got: “We are all ONE”. Mother Aya helped me to shake off “the reality of separation” for good. My other very personal revelation was aptly written on the T-shirt I wear now: “Relax, nothing is under control”

I am still processing on a deep emotional level discoveries and lessons of Rythmia. The Medicine works on your mindbody for three or more weeks after the last drink.

This March my husband Nicholas agreed to go with me to Rythmia. First time for him.

There are plenty of video testimonials on the Rythmia “Youtube” channel - you can get lost in them. 

Check out a brand new documentary “From Shock to Awe”.  It explores the healing effect of Ayahuasca on two American veterans and their families dealing with PTSD. Their transformations after Ayahuasca ceremonies are powerful.  

Also, I would love to mention the serendipities during our travel to Rythmia. The first person we met, when we arrived to Costa Rica airport was from a small town in Florida, where my daughter lives.  The person who greeted us from the big TV monitor at Rythmia entrance hall - our beloved Gregg Braden (remember our trip with him to Peru and recently Israel), and a young lady I met there shortly after, was from Taiwan, born precisely in a small town of Taitung, where my Reflexology Master and Life Mentor Father Josef lives for the past thirty years. Serendipities.

If you want to know more, please do ask me, I am open to share with you face to face.

I need to mention, that the visions I had at Rythmia were of extraordinary beauty, reminded me of my NDE some forty years ago.

The New Wearables

Today I want to talk about wearables. Do you know that electronic smart gadgets can be incorporated into clothing, implanted under the skin or worn on the body as an accessory for the purpose of collecting and tracking your personal physiological data to improve your health and fitness? Such medical data collecting devices are perfect tools in the development and implementation of  a  medical care model that shifts its focus from diagnosis to prognosis.


Precision Medicine is an emerging field in the science of health and wellness. This Medicine is based on four principles:

  1. Predictive

  2. Preventive

  3. Personalized

  4. Participatory.

The use of FitBits or similar devices is quite common now and  wearables technology is exploding all over the world.
Let me introduce you to the Oura Ring. It is developed by a  fairly new - only two years old - company from Finland.

I have been learning about the outmost importance of good sleep on our health for quite sometime now. Please check  out one of the best books on this seemingly trivial subject.  Here comes the wearable that allows me to quantify the quality of my nightly sleep and much more. Of course I got excited. 

I ordered my Oura Ring - second generation, last December.  Due to its enormous popularity  it arrived with delay this August.
For almost two months I have been collecting and monitoring the data on my SLEEP - 7 characteristics; READINESS  - 7 characteristics, ACTIVITY  - 6 characteristics; yes, steps walked  and TRENDS.

The ring is synched with my iPhone ( can be other cell phone models) via the Oura app and can independently collect and store info up to 5 days, if for whatever reason I am not near my phone. It emits very low EMF compare to other devices and operates in Airplane Mode, if chosen. There is so much more to learn and discuss about the Oura Ring.
Ask me any questions at your next session.
If you decide to buy it, you are welcome to use HIH code for $50 off its $300+ price, depending on the model. 
I am happy to share, that my husband agreed to wear his cool Christmas present - Oura Ring. I pray, that his ring will arrive just in time.

Here's other products that I introduce on my page The Products We Love: Vibram Five Toes shoes - give my bunions  - yep, I do have them on both feet more space and to prevent future misalignment  and a simple pleasure Massage Glove

I am also excited to share a fantastic podcast by Peter Attia MD, called The Drive. Thanks to Max, one among my young and savvy clients,  I am now hooked to Peter's podcast, his style, cutting edge info on many subjects... Mainly, health, longevity, critical thinking and a few others. 

Benefits FAR Infrared - SOQI Bed Benefits.

Also known as Hyperthermia Dome. FAR Infrared light is invisible part of the Sun's spectrum, not to be confused with ultra violet light, that can be damaging. The human body can easily absorb FIR, because its deep penetrating ability. Studies have shown, that FIR can penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep. "And why is it good for me?" — you ask. Here it is!


Hyperthermia helps to:

  • Accelerate the biochemical metabolic processes of the entire body and increase detoxification significantly
  • Increases the permeability of cell membranes to water, oxygen, nutrients.
  • Supports reparative and regenerative processes
  • Increases overall circulation and promotes blood circulation of tissues and organs, opens clogged collateral vessels
  • Relieves the tonus of striated and smooth musculature causing muscle relaxation Increase the velocity of nerve conduction
  • Activates sub-acute and chronic inflammation processes by way of promoting their cure
  • Influences the immunological system profoundly
  • At sufficiently high temperatures, restricts the propagation of microorganisms and viruses and malignant cell division

Impressive! Yes, it is! Otherwise I would not invest money and valuable space in my cozy office in Stamford.

I am ready to see you in my healing studio Monday through Sunday by appointment. I am devoted to your health and I am here to answer any of your health related questions. 15 min. phone consults are still FREE and welcomed.

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How to find a qualified Reflexology practitioner wherever you go.

If you are reading this, I know you are serious about Reflexology. You know the difference between the foot rub and a real Reflexology session. Very often I am asked how to find a real Reflexologist in other parts of the country for your friends and family. Here is my advice:

1. First you ask around, as word-of-mouth is the best referral. Then you do your homework.

2. Check if the practitioner has a full listing here - American Reflexology Certification Board,  an independent certification agency with strict adherence to the standards of the Reflexology profession.


3. Check for Continuing Education Units - CEUs, Experience and Membership in Professional Associations. The ARCB requires 12 CEUs every two years and it lists certificants in good standing on its site

4. Another good resource for serious local reflexologists are national and state association. You will find the listing by State here Association members are concerned with the professionalism and advancement of reflexology, as well as protection of public health and safety.


5. You may see a current  professional liability insurance certificate in the office of a serious practitioner.

 If you are looking for a reflexologist in New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee or Washington, then a person should have a current State License. Our Connecticut State does not have Reflexology State Licensure laws on the books.

Reflexology is a unique therapy that should be administered by a Certified Reflexologist, such person has completed unique Reflexology-specific training (typically 200-300 hours in the USA). According to the standards of most state and national reflexology associations along with the national certification board, this training must include classroom instruction on techniques for the feet, hands and ears, application of different protocols for particular body systems or particular pathologies. as well as learning anatomy, physiology, professional standards and ethics.

It also requires a completion of a minimum 100 documented practical sessions and it teaches how to keep session notes. The National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) defines reflexology as a separate therapy. True reflexology is performed only on the reflex maps of the body located on the feet, hands and outer ears and it is different than massage or acupressure techniques. Also be aware that there’s a recent trend offering online training in reflexology.

Learning to locate reflexes on different individuals and modulation of pressure, etc., cannot be taught online.

From time to time I hear the horror stories of feeling unwell from the so called “Reflexology” performed by an untrained person. Foot rubs at the strip malls/nail salons are not qualified to be called Reflexology, even if they advertised as such.

Expect the fee for your real Reflexology healing session to be higher than the price for a salon foot rub.  It may be between $60 and $150 per session, depending on area of the country and the length of the session. This difference reflects education, experience and proper certification of a qualified Reflexology practitioner.  So, my advice is: do not risk your health and waste your money on false ads and claims.

Be more concerned about your health than your wallet in such case! 

In my 17 plus years of actively practicing professional Reflexology, I have performed over 20,000 sessions. This number does not include countless sessions on friends and family outside of work.  So be bold, ask about the number of client sessions in the practitioner experience - not necessarily the number of years of work. This will insure you’re working with a truly experienced reflexologist.

If all these steps are too much for you, I am happy to do them for you. You know, where to find me. :)

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