From the Dispensary: Super Foods + Teas

Did you know my virtual dispensary has powerful teas and some super foods that you probably already are buying at your supermarket for a much higher price. Instead, would you like these be delivered to your door with free shipping and a 20% discount?

Do you want to consult with me for suggestions on the best professional grade supplements, natural health products and teas? Just call 203-968-6824. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorites that will be good for everyone:



  • All Yogi Teas: My favorites are Bedtime, Egyptian Licorice, Ginger and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life
  • Pukka Teas, these come in sachets: My favorites are Three Ginger, Rooibos & Honeybush, Elderberry & Echinacea, After Dinner
  • Wise Women Herbals: My favorites are Urinary Tract, Digest, Fertill


  • Garden of Life: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Barlean's Organic Oils: MCT Coconut Swirl Oil
  • Nutiva: Organic Coconut Manna – Will replace your cream, cream cheese and butter.

HEALTH BARS: Check out these brands

  • Designs for Health
  • D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition
  • Metagenics

You'll need to sign up to buy them. It's very easy and convenient.

Visit Irina's Virtual Dispensary

My virtual dispensary FullScript offers you professional grade natural health products, supplements and teas at significant discount 20%. The products are delivered to your door within days and shipping is free on all orders over $50. Check it out here.


The access to Mossnutrition.com products will remain the same with a 15% discount. If you are in my practice and want the access to this great source of info from Dr. Jeff Moss and his line of supplemental products, please call or email me for the discount code.  

It may sound complicated at first, but I urge you: do not give up. I am here to help you review your current need for supplements or power food  and to navigate through  many different brands.