To Feet or not to Feet :-))



My exercise routine before included one daily power walk outside. Now I walk Dr. Dexter often in my neighborhood, and people feel more comfortable talking to him, rather then just saying quick “Hello” to me. I learned, that I am known in my North Stamford village as a foot lady. They say: "We know, you work on the feet. You helped my friend, or you saved my co-worker from chronic feet pain” Funny, how the fact jumped in my face, that my neighbours know about me, more then I thought, and how Reflexology is misinterpreted by many, as foot work. Do I work On the Feet? Yes and No! Do I work Through the Feet? Yes!!!


There are doctors of Podiatry, that deal with all diseases of feet, and I am glad to recommend good local podiatrists to you, when needed. So then, what is the connection between  Reflexology and feet, and also hands and ears. Let us go to the definition of my Master- Mentor - Fr. Josef, the founder of highly effective Father Josef’s Method of Reflexology, that I practice.

 Reflexology  is a comprehensive wholistic therapy, which works through stimulation, by the application of pressure techniques to the specific reflex areas, resulting in the exchange of messages/signals/ warnings among nerves and meridians in the body with the purpose to improve the functions of each organ, gland and part of the body.

What can Reflexology achieve? It

1. Improves blood circulation

2. Revitalizes our body cells

3. Normalizes the endocrine glands 

4. Accelerates the healing process

5. Eliminates waste and poison from the body

6. Changes body dispositions

7. Reduces stress and nerve tensions

8. Opens doors for wholistic healing of body mind and soul.

9. Serves as preventative therapy

Father Josef's New Reflexology Method is based on the combination of Western Reflexology concepts and Eastern theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and those of the ECIWO bio-holographic law.

The human body is 'mapped'  onto the feet. Reflex point locations are precise as they are orientated to the bones in the foot and hand and anatomical positions of the vital organs in the body

So I hope you got the point I am making.


In my next newsletter I will be sharing my thoughts on ECIWO ( bio-holographic law.) ECIWO stands for Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism