What if, or What is?

In my recent session I had a conversation with my client about her spouse always fretting/worrying about the future of his high paid job and myriads other things in life of a grown up person. After all we live in a highly pressurized Fairfield County of CT. In other words, he spends a lot of time  in “What If”, rather then in “What is” mode.

And he has a huge company of people I know in my close circle of family and friends, unfortunately, and plenty of others around us. It could be even you, who comes to my healing practice on a weekly/monthly basis. Do you recognize yourself, or know someone, who has a great imagination, or life experience to support their ideas about what can go wrong in their life. These dreadful thoughts of what if this “good” will end, this “bad” will strike me and my family! We all can relate to these thoughts that keep us from restful sleep, and joyful state of being.

On that above mentioned session I offered my trusted client a different approach to apply to her life and inspire her husband by her own example: 

“Never look back in anger, forward in fear, but around in awareness” 

Being in my practice, you know, your healing happens through relaxation and expanded awareness. Awareness of your powerful mind helping your listening body to get into balanced state of being for a little bit, then for a little bit longer, then for a prolonged period of time with good repetition.

Here I would love to share with you a very timely quote from one of my greatly respected teachers: 

"Whenever you know what you do not want, you always know more clearly what you do want, so in a poignant moment of awareness of another person's undesirable situation, give your undivided attention to the idea of improvement that has hatched from your interaction/observation. And as you learn to do that, not only will you be of increasing value to others, but you will see how your relationships with others adds immeasurably to your own becoming."  —Abraham