Reflexology Tip of the Month

Reflexology stimulates reflexes on the feet, hands and ears to provoke beneficial effects on body parts, organs, and to generate balance. We all are quite tired of dark, cold days by now. This weather effects our mood and balance hormones: serotonin and melatonin, but they can be re-set with simple techniques.


Even though the spring is on its way and the sun is out more and more, you can help to wake yourself up by working on your reflexes to the glands, that produce these hormones.

The pineal gland regulates melatonin – its reflex point is located in the center of the pad of each thumb. Apply and maintain pressure with the knuckle of the other thumb and move it in small circles for two to three seconds and then pull the knuckle away from the reflex in a sharp movement. Repeat twice a day on each hand.

For serotonin production, work the entire big toe pad, or each thumb pad – dig pressure into the flesh by bending the thumb into it, then extending the thumb to move upwards. Repeat this ‘caterpillar’ action for the length of the toe/thumb pad, several times.

Please, ask me to show these techniques to you at your next session, and you will acquire this self-help reflexology skill for life.