My Morning Rituals

Many of my clients have asked me the question, what do you eat in the morning, what's in your breakfast? So as promised to you, here it is. Please be advised, this is not an endorsement of one style over another, or nutritional advice for that matter, just honest sharing. Also, I may change my morning ritual, as time goes by, but for now, here it is.


I do not eat in the morning, that is right - I do not eat, but I drink plenty. I start with ~ 15 oz of fresh ozonated, filtered water, room temperature, always, to which I add freshly squeezed  juice of half or full lemon -Myers are my fave and a table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar + a dash of cayenne pepper. My internal shower. This fills me in enough to exercise. As you know, if you have been in my home office, my living room serves as a gym, as it houses a trampoline, Chi-machine, free weights and a new addition - Whole Body Vibration Plate.

Then, it goes - my first and ONLY cup of divine coffee - totally “Bulletproof". Yes, it is the name of the brand, check it out. I daily grind fresh beans for French Press, steeping them for 5 -10 min., then pour the liquid into my old trusted friend -Vitamix, the blender. I add a table spoon of organic Coconut oil and blend the mixture for a couple of minutes. Cinnamon powder is the last touch on top of my buttered coffee - all 12 oz  of delicious morning drink. It sustains and satisfies me for good 4 to 5 hours before first solid meal, it perks my brain, and picks my mood.

Next is my Green drink, combination of green leafy veggies, celery, cucumbers, vegan protein powder from peas, powdered vitamin C, tea spoon of fat, yes, from Coconut butter, blended in Vitamix. I simply cannot do without my liquid greens/proteins 

Here are some of the latest studies. 

  • A German study (Bakuradze et al., 2014) found that four weeks of regular coffee consumption increased feelings of satiety after eating. This and the subjects’ loss of body fat suggests that coffee might help with weight loss or chronic overeating. 
  • The same study found that drinking coffee tended to protect DNA from harmful mutations that could lead to cancer (Bakuradze et al, 2014). And an updated study supports the notion of coffee protecting DNA integrity. (Bakuradze et al, 2015).

You may want to check out  "Bulletproof Diet” book by Dave Asprey  on the benefits of properly harvested and stored coffee plus more on health support.